More than 98% of adults are infected with a parasite that causes rosacea and acne. A team of doctors in China isolated a small invisible parasite called human demodex that can make people’s complexions rough, lumpy and reddish, as well as hair loss, premature skin aging, enlarged pores and acne. The parasite looks like a microscopic worm and feeds on our skin. It only takes 10 days to grow from egg to full size and multiplies at an extremely rapid rate if not properly treated, leading to acne rosacea, a rare type of skin rash that occurs mostly on the face.

It was noted in their studies that the babies did not have the parasite at birth, but contracted days later when the babies were touched by other humans, and the infection grows with us as we age.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, many theories have been put forward about the origin of rosacea, but doctors and dermatologists are beginning to accept the fact that poor complexion is due to this parasite.

Dermatologists generally recommend antibiotics such as tetracycline to treat rosacea and acne, but results vary widely, often with little or no effect, as they are not formulated to eliminate this parasite. After 30 years of research in more than 900,000 patients around the world, this team of doctors discovered that the use of sea buckthorn oil combined with other ingredients and applied externally to the affected areas can kill the human demodex parasite and return the skin to its natural beauty. The results, as reported by patients and clinicians around the world, are astonishing and are achieved within days of starting treatment. Also, people with normal skin should be aware that they could improve it further by lowering their human demodex count. To see the full line of FaceDoctor, visit us online at and see what it has done for others.

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