Wood beads are widely available and very reasonably priced. They used to be overlooked because their potential for jewelery craftsmanship had yet to be discovered. Now that you have realized their suitability, they have become one of the most sought after materials for jewelry and accessory making.

Their use has expanded and they are now used to manufacture many types of accessories due to their versatility, and are recognized in many markets around the world. They can be used to make bracelets and necklaces among many other things. These beads are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

An interesting item that you can make out of wooden beads is the friendship bracelet. Friends often get together to make their own friendship bracelets. They have found the opportunity to bond and have a good time together. These friendship bracelets are made with a simple rope or elastic cord and wooden beads.

Now they are also used as hair accessories. They are used in braids, usually at the end or the beginning and are part of a unique hairstyle or hairstyle. They are available in many sizes and shapes that can be used to accent different hairstyles.

They are also used in another simple but cool idea; in making light sweaters. Instead of using an ordinary string with a bauble at the end to more easily hold and pull the switch, wooden beads are used. They can also be used for ceiling fan switches. These are much more attractive than conventional pulls and are unique to you.

Wooden beads are usually simple, but you can paint them to make them look more colorful and attractive. This is a fun activity that you can do as a family or with your friends. Larger beads are best for beginners as they are easier to decorate.

Wooden beads come in different types. This is because there are different types of trees. The wooden beads mainly come from apple trees, sandalwood trees, olive and bamboo trees, pear and ebony, among many others. These trees have certain characteristics that give the reasons why the beads are made of them. Some trees make their beads aromatic, some long-lasting, and some beautiful.

For example, beads that are made from olive trees have a reddish color and a kind of wavy pattern. When the olive tree ages, the beads that come from it darken a bit in a well-defined pattern. On the other hand, sandalwood beads are lighter in weight and lighter in color. Its aroma is also pleasant. Rosewood, on the other hand, is heavy and also very dense. For larger accounts, this is a good material. It also produces black or brownish lines on the beads.

Wood beads are also affordable and are actually cheaper than most beads on the market.

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