We love to look back and see photos of our family Christmas memories. And you? Some years my five daughters “posed” for photographs taken from behind showing their long hair. The advantage of these images was that we did not have to wait for the makeup to be applied. (If you have girls you know what I mean).

Other years they would sit on the couch and hold their feet in the air to show off their cute Christmas socks. Here are some organization ideas for organizing Christmas photos:

1. Get your photo album now, don’t wait until after Christmas.

2. Start sending those photos taken with your digital camera now, no need to wait until a roll is full.

3. When you retrieve your photos while looking at them, discard the ones you don’t really like. It’s okay to get rid of images that make someone look ugly or are blurry or that you just hate them. Don’t save a photo that you can gag every time you see it! This will reduce the amount of organization and journaling that you will have to do later. And it saves space in your photo album.

4. When you have developed the photos, take a few minutes and place them in the album. Doing it little by little will seem to go faster.

5. If you don’t have time to organize them in a couple of days, label them with an acid-free pen made especially for labeling photos. You can also separate them by activity and put them in labeled envelopes so that when you’re ready to put them in an album, some of the work is done.

6. Albums where you put photos are great, as they are quick to put photos and keep memories in a dust-free environment. The photos are all together so you can enjoy them now and not have boxes stored somewhere in your house. You can embellish the pages with stickers and other souvenirs.

7. Albums where you insert photos have glue between the 4 “X 6” photo sections. To put a larger image or memory on a page, simply loosen the glue and slide the photo occupying the two spaces. Or with glue dots or double adhesive tape, place the photo on the plastic.

8. In addition to putting photos in your child’s book, make a Christmas photo album with the whole family.

9. If you have boxes of old photos, don’t overload yourself with the project of making them all right away. Stop feeling guilty about having them in boxes instead of albums !! Go back through the years when you have time or when it’s not vacation time and you can schedule a time to put them in albums. Start with the most recent photos first and progress through the years.

It’s fun to look back at the albums that include photos of what each family member is doing on Christmas Eve, decorations in our home, concerts we attended, and places we volunteered to name a few. When the girls come home for Christmas, that’s what they like the most: They take out the albums of the last 15 years and spill over them, laughing and remembering. It doesn’t have to be a hassle to create family vacation memories.

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