Many people turn to online sources to buy beads in bulk or in bulk for their jewelry. This saves time, money and energy. However, before ordering those accounts online, whether it’s on a site like eBay or Etsy or from a wholesale store, you need to consider these 6 things.

Are they reputable?

There are a wide variety of online stores and twice as many suppliers through sites like eBay and Etsy where you can buy jewelry beads. However, they are not all the same. You’ll need to do some research before spending your hard-earned money on them. Research can include these things:

  • Reading the reviews. Whether it’s an individual seller, auction site, online store, or wholesaler, you’ll need to see what other customers have said about them. This is one way to find out what their reputation is for providing quality and value along with any issues someone may have had with the company or the product.
  • Talk to other people who shop online. There’s an old customer service rule that says, if one person likes it, they’ll tell one or two people, if they hate it, they’ll tell ten. This is true. Talk to other people you know who buy their accounts online. They will give you the good and the bad.

Do they keep the accounts you want?

If you are going to make several different pieces or designs, you will have to see if the store you are considering. You may want to develop a relationship with just one or two places or just order from where you have the accounts you are looking for.

If you choose to develop a relationship with just one or two, look at the selection of accounts they offer. Is it in line with the styles, colors, shapes and types you are looking for? In this case, there probably won’t be one store that has it all, but it’s imperative to find those two or three stores that can fill a good chunk of your accounts for jewelry needs.

Are your prices reasonable?

You wouldn’t buy other products for a business without buying the best prices, so why should it be any different for accounts? Look at the prices and compare different sites. But don’t just pick the cheapest ones, pick the ones that have the best value in terms of service, delivery fees, and customer support as well.

Do they have the quantities you want?

Do you only transport large or small quantities? Look at the quantity that is needed for a minimum order. You may only want a 20 from a certain account, but they require a minimum order of 100 accounts or they may not have enough of what you want. Look at these terms as they will vary greatly when shopping for jewelry beads.

What are the terms of delivery?

Is there a minimum quantity before shipping is free? Will they send where you are? Do you have to pick them up at a store? All of these things should be taken into account before choosing the store.

Do they offer any other supplies you need?

You may not want to have a large list of providers. Seeing if the online store or seller offers other supplies you need, such as ropes, zippers, laces, or threads, will help narrow that list.

Buying jewelry beads online is simple, but you should consider these 6 things before deciding which company to use.

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