Have you ever wished you could kiss better? Or maybe you’ve never kissed anyone before? Or maybe you just doubt yourself because you don’t know if you kiss well or not and you sure don’t want to go out and ask someone!

You can find tips on how to kiss in many different places, like teen magazines and even watching movies, but it can still be a bit embarrassing. However, it really shouldn’t be. I mean, everyone had to have a first kiss at some point, right? People are not only born knowing how to kiss. So everyone has felt this way at one point or another and you shouldn’t be too uncomfortable about it. A little uncertainty is normal.

With a few tips on how to kiss, you will become a better and more experienced kisser quickly and easily. This is one of those situations where learning is half the fun!

Here are five tips or suggestions on how to kiss to get started.

1 – Observe the body language of your partner: if you do not know when it is time to give that first kiss or if it is too early, all you need to do is observe the body language of the person you are with. If it’s the first kiss, they’ll probably be a little nervous and fidgety too, but one of the signs is that they’ll look down at your mouth. If you catch your date studying your lips, you can bet that she’s probably imagining what it would be like to kiss you, and that’s a good sign that you should.

2 – Doubt just a second just before that critical moment – If you study those first magical and passionate kisses in the movies, you will notice something. Right before the hero and heroine touch their lips, there is only a moment’s hesitation as their faces move closer to each other, their lips inches apart. That split second is the moment when the passion and intensity rise and that makes your first kiss even more electrifying when the two of you bring their lips together and give in to their desire for each other.

3 – Try not to start with your tongue – Kissing is something you build on. It should start out soft and playful and over time and with greater familiarity with each other, then it should become more intimate. French kissing or using your tongue during a passionate kiss is definitely something very intimate. This is something you don’t want to rush. Someone who rushes the whole language thing before the other person is ready, runs the risk of disconnecting that person. So take it easy and enjoy the build up.

4 – Kissing is not just for the mouth – You do not have to restrict kissing your partner to kissing on the mouth or lips. If you are shy at first, kiss your date on the cheek and work your way up to a kiss on the lips. But even after you feel very comfortable with your partner, sometimes a kiss on the nose, on the forehead, or on the top of the head, combined with a hug, creates a very close and intimate moment. Similarly, kissing the neck and ears can create tremendous passionate heat. So don’t limit your kisses to just the lips. Expand your kissing zone.

5 – Make Sure You Have Fresh Breath: If you expect to be kissing someone in the near future, have a stash of breath mints on hand at all times. And try to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen, such as brushing your teeth, flossing, and mouthwash. Absolutely everything could go well with the relationship, but bad breath can slow things down quickly and really kill the mood. So keep a minty fresh breath and get ready anytime, anywhere!

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