On the afternoon of the 17th of this month at the Seldom Blues restaurant, Renaissance Center, Detroit, a radical change in the way cars were launched began. This change was introduced by Chevrolet, a prominent name in the automotive industry.

Instead of the traditional car launch, Chevrolet opted to release its newest vehicle, the 2007 Aveo Sedan, to the media via a live webcast. With all the amazing features, the new Aveo Sedan, which is based on value and saves fuel, was introduced to the public.

The offbeat launch of Chevrolet’s webcast featured a keynote speech from its CEO Ed Pepper and its director of automotive marketing Cheryl Catton. In an interview, Pepper said: “Just as we no longer operate in a one-size-fits-all market, we are adapting our marketing strategies to reach our customers in the most effective way. The target audience for the Aveo sedan has grown with the Internet, and 75 percent of this audience spends at least two or more hours a day online.

The 2007 Aveo Sedan is a redesigned version of the sedan to meet the needs of a safe and smooth driving experience while enjoying its great design. Said cart offers 42 cubic feet of cargo space to maximize cargo capacity. It also comes with 2 flipped and folded rear seats. Basically, it’s based on the 2006 GM 5-door economy segment.

This year’s Aveo Sedan has a fresh interior and exterior design. It has capacity for five people. Not only that, it also has features and amenities like standard side-impact airbags, tilting headrests, premium power sunroof, CD / MP3 player, steering wheel audio controls, woodgrain look trim, and other auto parts. Reliable Chevrolet. .

2007 Aveo Sedan just like its counterparts is affordable. Pepper added, “With Aveo’s current lineup starting at $ 9,995, Aveo represents a smart buy that delivers on Chevy’s Total Value Promise.”

Online launch like this is said to have a boom for years to come. This is due to the fact that the online generation is the most viable market to introduce awesome cars today.

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