With a little imagination and maybe a little effort, you can pamper your dog with common items found around the house, supplies bought at a yard sale, or just a good hug and kiss. Here are 10 ways to help you spoil your dog.

1. There are many things you probably already have around the house that will make a great shampoo for your dog. A little aloe vera gel in water works well, for example. It is very gentle on your dog’s skin and leaves his coat reasonably shiny. You can dilute a handful of aloe vera gel with water and then apply the shampoo to your dog’s coat (it is best to apply it on a dry coat). Rinse well with lukewarm water. If you prefer a foaming shampoo, just add a little baby shampoo to the mix.

2. Doesn’t your dog deserve a holiday season doghouse party with some friends? You can bake dog treats, play games, and pass out homemade gifts. It can be celebrated any time of the year, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. Have a dog look for treats and hide dog treats in the garden or hide a piece of rawhide around the house so your dog can find it.

3. Do you firmly believe that everything has its place, and that includes your dog’s mealtime? Place a vinyl or plastic placemat under the dog bowls. This not only identifies the dog eater, but also minimizes the amount of food chunks that fall on the bare floor.

4. If you have space, why shouldn’t your dog have a room of his own? It can be a small closet or a large guest bedroom. Why not turn that free space into the dog’s room with all his toys, his bed, and a place to store whatever else he has.

5. Provide your dog with a toy chest. You can use an oversized basket, an old fruit box, or even an old laundry basket. Take your dog’s toys and place them in the toy chest. Your dog will quickly learn that the toys come from a particular area of ​​the house. However, you may be assuming too much if you think you will be able to train them to return toys, but it reduces toy loss and clutter in the long run.

6. If we can have indistinguishable food made to look better with a pretty plate, why can’t our dogs? However, finding good porcelain that is strong and suitable enough to push across the floor can be challenging. You should be able to find something at a thrift store, a church bazaar, or a yard sale. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of nice tableware that can be found in those places.

7. Do you have photo albums? Your dog is part of the family, so how about combining family photos with photos of dogs or even dedicating an entire album just to your dog? No matter how you look at them, your photos will be preserved and ready to view whenever you want.

8. Another time of year to get your dog involved is during the holiday season. Whether you exchange gifts all in one day or extend it for a week, why not include your dog in holiday donations? You can prepare a stocking full of treats, small toys, and a new leash.

9. Although this is not a substitute for your physical presence, leaving the radio on while you are away helps reassure your dog that he is not alone. With a little experimentation with the radio dial, you are sure to find a radio station that your dog will enjoy.

10. The patios are great. You can sit outside, eat something and watch the world go by. Many patio restaurants will allow you to bring your dog, call ahead to make sure a particular restaurant’s patio is dog friendly. When you find a place, take your dog and enjoy a cookout together.

With a little thought and inventiveness, you can take these tips and find your own ways to spoil your dog while keeping the cash in your wallet.

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