I am often asked how I can live the way I do. Who pays me to be a real life Merlin? It’s not like you can open the newspaper and read a search ad for that position. I live an enchanted life because I created it that way. Using the principles the elves taught me and my own stubborn refusal, I will do anything else. You can also …

“Enchantment does not exist in wands and candles, it lives in your heart. Open your heart to the universe and magic will follow you wherever you go.”

So without further delay, here is how you can put a little charm in your day.

1. Give a surprise gift to someone you don’t know

Go on, be the source of abundance for someone who has no relationship with you. Why not related? Because then you really won’t expect anything in return and you will give freely. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a magazine, a second-hand book, an unopened can of beans will do. Wrap it in pretty paper, put a bow on it, and leave it in a public place for someone, anyone, to pick it up. Walk away with a smile on your face all day.

2. Tell someone who is forcing you to fix it themselves

I love this! This is a wonderful gift for yourself that you really keep on giving. Your self-confidence and self-confidence skyrocket, the other person has a chance to be more resourceful, and you’ve freed up at least a couple of minutes to spend as you wish. It’s not hard to just say, “I have other priorities right now. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that.”

3. Tell God / Goddess / Guardian Angel / Guide to turn off

I had a bad day? So why not have an almighty spiel about it and be done with it? Get a stopwatch and give yourself exactly 2 minutes to rant about how upset you are about it. I always find a “Dear God, I’m screwed” letter of very good value. But hey, you can write to whoever you want. When you’re done deleting that computer file, cut the paper with a pair of scissors or shred it and continue to be happy again.

4. Outsource your concerns

Worrying is time consuming, drains your energy, and depresses you. So why do it? Worrying about things doesn’t solve them, it just annoys you. The fairies want you to know that they have a Department of Worst and Magical Concern about Wear and tear waiting, ready, and able to take care of your worries for you. They will personally pick them up from you, take you to a quiet place, and put their own little heads to worry and solve your problems. You can continue to enjoy your day.

5. Keep a pocket full of happiness

Keep a pocket book with the things that make you smile. They can be pictures of things you like, jokes, letters from someone special, or even nice things that you write to yourself. It doesn’t matter, it’s as long as it makes you smile. Take this item with you wherever you go and when you’re feeling down, pull out your pocket of happiness and recharge again.

6. Remember the door

All things come to us when we really want them. But when they don’t come according to our schedule, we tend to get angry and imagine they won’t come at all. The only true determinant of timing is how soon you can align with what you intend to create.

When the door of what you want appears closed, you just have to wait … because it always opens.

7. Escape the crazy maze, inch by inch.

On average, we spend around 80% of our time attending to necessary things, mandatory tasks, and other onerous tasks. All the time we wish we could live a different life or remain a Merlin. I hear you, I have been there. The way out of the crazy maze that we call “normal life” is to take a step every day towards the new life that you propose. It doesn’t have to be a big jump, or even a race to the finish line. If our lives only allow one inch in the right direction today, that’s the step we take today! An inch out of the crazy maze today gets us a mile tomorrow.

8. Refuse to grow

Did you know that when most people tell you to “grow up” what they are really saying is “I can’t handle your reality, come and live in mine”? No thanks! Life does not have to be and does not pretend to be the incredibly intense and serious drama that we make it into. Yes, be responsible for your life and your commitments, but do not lose your childlike capacity to dream and create charm.

Whatever enchantment you feel in your heart is there because the universe intends for you to live it. And if something as great and powerful as the universe wants to give it to you, who are you to deny it?

9. Don’t struggle with dilemmas, they are bigger than you.

Your mind is an energy magnet. The more excited you get, the more energy you attract, but what kind of energy do you attract? Thoughts that make you feel anxious, uncomfortable, and helpless attract large, furry monsters known as dilemmas. They are bullies and they will beat you up all the time. Thoughts that make you laugh, feel ecstatic, and blush attract beautiful muses who sing you to sleep at night and are also dilemma repellants. When you have a problem to solve, look at your energy, is your mind attracting the muses or the dilemma? If it’s the latter, you’d better call Magickal’s Worst and Worst Wear Department so they can give you the perfect solution as soon as possible.

10. Get addicted to happiness

It is sadly true that most of us for a large part of our lives are addicted to negativity. For whatever reason, we just don’t feel good unless there’s a major drama. Sure we can take happiness in small doses but in excess and we begin to worry about when everything is going to end. And then, sure enough, something “bad” happens. But help is available, you can become addicted to happiness, and all you need is the willingness to experience a little more happiness every day. Before long you will be able to tolerate happiness on a regular basis.

Start a happiness tolerance calendar to see how many days you can be happy without worrying about when it will end. Then you can begin to increase your ability to receive more happiness.

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