Here in New York, we have tried some of the best chocolates. Are:

1: City Bakery Hot Chocolate

City Bakery has provided eight ounces of waterless chocolate that has been melted. This is provided in your cafeteria style cafe with a large homemade marshmallow placed on the tip. Although it is not healthy, it offers a good experience.

2: LA Burdick’s Christmas Chocolates

Said to be the best store in New York. Stop by for a cup of hot cocoa with some of your friends on a cold morning or hot afternoon and go out with a box full of delicious chocolate penguins as a gift for a friend.

3: MarieBelle Chocolates

This is a mixture of the best and original chocolate that is combined with eclectic ingredients that give it a wonderful flavor. All this combined with the best artisan design that resembles precious jewels makes it perfect.

4: Fine Chocolates Olivia Kita

Olivia Kita’s Chocolatiers are probably the best chocolatiers offering vegan organic chocolates. These beautiful creations mixed with beautiful flavors of herbs, flowers, exotic fruits, berries, nuts and other spices offer the best flavor.

5: Chocolate Jacques Torres

These chocolates are probably some of the best you have ever tasted. They are made from fresh beans and can be paired with other delicacies that will overwhelm your taste buds indefinitely.

6: Martine’s Chocolates

They are made of fresh cream chocolates and truffles. The delicacies are handmade and are prepared in front of the customers. They include Belgian Callebautcouverture, French butter, and fresh American cream. Presented in a pink box that makes the customer even salivate before eating.

7: Kee’s chocolates

This place creates artisan pastries. They have an international flavor since their ingredients are imported: yuzu from Japan, French sea salt and Spanish saffron. This is an ideal stop for people who prefer a small SoHo store.

8: Vosges de Haut-Chocolat

This is perhaps one of the best places to buy truffles. Provides an international flavor with exotic flavors collected from around the world. It is made with curry, Thai pandan leaves, and wasabi. You can order this unique sweet online for dessert.

9: Hampton chocolates

The Hampton Chocolate Factory employs some of the best chocolatiers from around the world to offer some of the most unique creations. They are all natural, non-preserved, and are said to have the best flavor.

10: Gnosis chocolates

The gnosis chocolates are all natural and created to improve the client’s health. Only the best organic ingredients are used to provide attractive taste and nutrition made from some of the best herbs from China and Native America. Appropriate for dessert.

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